Multi-Line Slot Machines

The sound effects, graphics and thrill of the game make slots one of the most popular attractions at casinos. When slots were first invented they only had one payline, nowadays slot machines have multiple paylines. Learn how the slots have changed over the years.

The Beginning

Manufacturers started making slot machines with more than one payline in the 1960s.
At first, five-line games weren't an instant hit, but their popularity grew over time. Today, slot machines are made with a wide variety of pay ines, with the most popular option being three-reel, 5-line slots.

Types of 5 Line Games

There are two types of 5-line games: The three spinning reel varieties and the five-reel varieties. While they share the same amount of pay lines, the two games have many differences. In three-reel games, players usually have five different top jackpots depending on which line you hit the winning combination. An example of a three-reel game is Jackpot Express. In five-reel games, it is the same jackpot no matter what line you hit the winning combination. An example of a five-reel game is Gopher Gold. One big difference between 1-line games to 5-line games is that the hit rate tends to be higher because there are more ways to win on each spin. Just remember, with a higher hit rate comes a higher max bet, which evens things out.

Popular Games

One advantage to playing multi-line slot machines is that the games have high hit rates compared to classic slot machines, giving you the chance to win on more than one line during a single spin. Just remember to check if a maximum bet is required. Popular three-reel, 3-line games include One Arm Bandit, Fountain of Youth, Fairy Ring, Flower Power, Quick Draw, Reels Royce, Samurai 7's, Trick or Treat and Spell Bound. Popular three-reel, 5-line games include Belissimo, Gold Coast, Neptune's Kingdom, Roman Riches and Zany Zebra. Popular five-reel, 5-line games include Aladdin's Lamp, Genies Gems, Press Your Luck and Wheel of Fortune.

Adding extra lines give players more ways to take home the big bucks. The only negative to multi-line slots is that many require maximum bets. If you are not willing to play max bet, you should look for a different style of game.